About Us


The Founders

 Raven & Lily,  may seem enigmatic until one meets owners Justin and Amy Young, a couple whose talents and timing seem superbly matched. They met at the lauded La Tourelle. Justin was a chef; Amy a server. Today, at their own restaurant, they divide duties in a similar way. Amy runs the front of the house  


Fresh is the word

 When asked what was made in-house, the Chef happily replied, “We make everything but the ketchup! Heinz does just fine on that, so we let them handle it.” That’s right, they make everything from the burger buns to the salad dressings… even the ice cream is made in-house, and they do it all using fresh, locally grown ingredients! That’s a lot of homemade goodness. 



 “We’re grateful to the building owner who afforded us an outstanding opportunity to showcase our abilities to Collierville. Plus, our neighbors on the square have been super-supportive and kind. This is what we needed and what the owner of this space needed — it’s a nice match.”

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